Residential sprinkler systems are the most effective means of life and property protection available. Fire sprinkler protection is required in all kinds of buildings: schools, office buildings, theatres, and it’s crucial in the most susceptible place to fire – your home.

Within domestic properties, the British standards are BS 9251:2014 for residential sprinklers and BS 8458:2015 for residential and domestic mist sprinkler systems.

Depending on the layout of the home and the type of construction, the Rapid Response® CPVC Sprinkler System can offer great benefits, including installation savings and flexibility.

Over and above the life-saving benefits of residential fire sprinkler systems, home builders may be able to benefit from cost-saving incentives available or ‘trade-offs’. By committing to fire sprinkler installations in new homes, the home builder may be eligible to offer trade-offs in the form of reduced physical fire separation that decrease costs and improve overall profitability.

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