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Specialists in Domestic & Residential Sprinkler Systems

The RAPID RESPONSE Residential Fire Sprinkler System has become the choice of home owners and builders for one big reason: the Power of One.

  • - One source for every component.
  • - One place for complete Domestic sprinkler design and technical support.
  • - One stop for the most innovative technology.

RAPID RESPONSE, protecting lives and property with the industry’s leading residential fire sprinkler system.


Design, install and maintain domestic and residential sprinkler systems in accordance with BS9251 2014


How Fire Sprinkler Systems Work


Fire sprinklers are located in the home’s ceiling or near the top of a wall. When a home fire reaches extremely high temperatures — typically above 155°F — the sprinkler closest to the fire activates, spraying water directly onto the flames beneath it. Most of the time, only one fire sprinkler will control or extinguish the fire completely. If the homeowner chooses, their RAPID RESPONSE system can also be linked to the local fire department or home alarm system, providing complete fire security.


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